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When I was a little girl, I was terrified of the dark.  Like most children, I was scared of the monsters that lurked in the shadows waiting to snatch me from my parents and eat me up.  Unlike other children, I knew that my fears were not unfounded.  I'd encountered the monsters in the night, I'd seen what they could do to grown adults - let alone small children.  My parents did not make light of my fears, they understood for it was they who'd instilled in me at as early an age as possible to be wary and frightened of the creatures the night could bring.  

You see, I belong to a race of witches as old as time Herself.  We are blessed with great power by the Goddess, a gift bestowed upon us by Her and no other.  No power comes without a price or a burden, though, and ours was a heavy weight to carry.  We are tied to the magic of the earth, my people, and as such we have a strong natural dislike for those that are unnatural - specifically vampires.  The truest children of the night, they evoke within us a wide range of reactions - some of us react more violently than others.  As it stands, I've yet to meet a Witch that reacts as violently as I do to their presence - it has been that way since I was young and I have yearned to have reactions as minimal as some of my sisters and brothers.  The Goddess sees fit to give us each only that which She is sure we can bear, however, and I would never question why She chose to put upon me such a heavy weight.  

It is this burden that I bear, this weight upon my shoulders, that kept me fearful of the dark and those that lurk within it from a very young age.  I remember as a girl having many nightmares and waking to the sound of my own screams drenched in sweat whilst my mother and father calmed me with words and hands and gentle kisses.

One day, while playing in a sunny patch beside my mother's herb garden while she worked, I remember asking her why she was not as afraid of the dark as I was.  Of course, I assumed that it was because she was a great and powerful witch, because she knew many magic spells to protect herself and therefore did not need to be scared.  What she said to me that sunny morning has stayed with me all my many, many days that I've walked the world.  

"I am afraid, Eara," she said to me gently.  "To not be afraid would be absolutely foolish.  She who lives without fear lives carelessly and dangerously.  We must always be afraid.  When I am afraid, though, I always think of my rays of sunshine.   The Goddess blesses each of us with our own rays of sunlight to bring us warmth and light each day and each night.  You and your Father are my sunbeams, and when I think of you I am warmed to the core and feel my fear melting away."  

She had the most beautiful, soft voice I've ever heard in my life - to this day I've yet to meet anybody who could speak in the sweet, serene way that my mother could.  She had a way of saying things that made it impossible to do anything other than believe her - and believe her I did.  To this day, it remains one of the truest things anyone has ever said to me.  I hold to my mother's words like a lifeline, and I've been lucky enough to discover in my lifetime three people who bring that feeling of warmth - that promise of refuge from the dark.  Llimdrin and Tinuviel are the brother and sister I didn't have growing up in my youth - but they are every bit my siblings as if we grew up fighting at the dinner table.  They bring light to my life without even trying, and it gives me great joy to call them my family.  There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind, however, that the brightest beacon of light in my life is Kohlvin.

Kohlvin Tricrane has a way of lighting up not only the sky around him - but also the lives and hearts of all those whose lives he inhabits.  The Goddess has blessed me with him, knowing that he is so what I needed - a warm ray of sunshine in the darkness.  When the light begins to fade around me, he need only reach his hand out and grasp mine and the world lights up again.  When I am with him, there is no night and there is no fear - there is only him and there is only me.  I like to think, sometimes, that my Mother and Father sent Kohlvin to me - knowing that I needed him in my life and that his light would fill up the places in my heart that had become very dark in their absence.  

Kohlvin is the great love of my life, of that I have no doubt.  As the sky and the sun go hand in hand, so too do he and I.  When, one day, we are Blessed enough to have children, I will tell them as my mother told me before them.  The storm brings darkness and rain and thunder.  But the sun chases the clouds and the storms away and brings warm, radiant light.  And rainbows.  After the storm there is always a rainbow.  He is my sunshine, my rainbows, my unicorns and kittens.

He is the sunshine of my life.    
Sunshine of My Life
This story is about my original character Eara who I play in an online MUD called The Land of Karchan.  Kohlvin belongs to one of my very best friends in the whole world :iconsmokincute:.  She is the sister of my heart, the sunshine on my cloudy days.  This story was inspired by that fact, by the brightness that she brings to my life and the brightness that Kohlvin brings to Eara's life.  I hope you love it as much as I love you, Sweetpea.  :heart: :heart:

This was loosely based on one of MANY themes that I've been interested in writing - Sunshine.   


Tanyia Jackson
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